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Peeps Oreos Make Poop Pink

DIY Pink Poop and Peeps Oreos (The Flying Chancla Report)

Hola Chulas y Chulos! My chancla and I have gone all investigative journalism on you guys this week. We just had to when we found out that the nation is aflush in pink poop due to the appearance of limitted edition Peeps Oreos. Earlier this month, I was in Long Beach, Calif. for the #WeAllGrow Summit (my chancla did not come along in case you

Wednesday Wishes

The Wishing Effect (Wednesday Wishes)

Let’s take a moment to vibrate on a higher frequency by letting the Universe know what we are wishing for because all the thoughts that you think have an effect on you and affect your reality. (<—Can we just take a moment to celebrate my proper usage of effect and affect? Damn, I should be a writer or something. OMAIGA, wait! Did I use them correctly?