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Palace of Fine Arts (Sundays In My City)

Palace of Fine Arts

It was a beautiful weekend day and we were cruising around the city and somehow we ended up at the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina. How could we not get out and walk around? Look at it! It’s absolutely stunning. Built in 1915 for the Panama Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), the Palace of Fine Arts was never meant to be permanent. It was

Elotes Gone Crazy (The Flying Chancla Report)

Hola Chulas y Chulos. How’s it chancleando? My chancla and I are in heaven right now because it’s actually chancla-weather in San Francisco. This has got us all excited about outdoor possibilities, which brings us to the topic of this week’s The Flying Chancla Report: elotes. I know it seems like a jump to go from chancla-weather to elotes, but not really.  Case in point:

Thoughts of Scarcity Are Wrong (Wednesday Wishes)

Wallace D. Wattles quote

I make wishes because I want ALL THE THINGS. I want to grow, I want to have, I want to be, I want it all and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it because I can have ALL THE THINGS that I want and there will still be plenty for everyone else who wants their own version of ALL THE THINGS. It’s always