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Not Everyone Deserves a Treasure (Sundays In My City)


My friend, who I have known since junior high school, got married this weekend. She is truly a treasure and a GOOD person. She’s not the kind of person that everyone deserves. Nope. Like I said, she is a treasure and I’m sorry, but not everyone gets to have a treasure because idiots squander treasures. This weekend my beautiful friend married a man who deserves

Jennifer Lopez Steals Her Best Dance Moves From Toddlers (The Flying Chancla Report)

Jennifer Lopez and James Corden Toddlerography

Hola Chulas y Chulos! How ya doin’? My chancla and I are over here laughing our pompis off at this video of Jennifer Lopez and James Corden taking dance lessons from toddlers. It’s like “ay qué cute” and “ay qué funny” at the same time.  The Toddlerography piece with JLo aired as part of “The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special 2017” on Tuesday.

Focus on What You Want (Wednesday Wishes)

Wishing meme

The Universe and I have a standing date each week wherein I write down what I would like the Universe to send my way and the way of others who have been courageous enough to share their wishes with me. I know there are people who are like, “OMG, wishing doesn’t do a damn thing. You have to work for what you want and I’m