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Arguello Restaurant in the Presidio (Sundays In My City)

Margaritas and taquitos at Arguello

This week my family and I were invited to Arguello restaurant in the Presidio. The Presidio, which is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, was a military post for 218 years. It spans 1,491 acres and is visited by over 5 million people a year. There are residents, commercial tenants, museums, recreational activities and so much more to be enjoyed throughout. Truthfully,

Mexican Loteria Game Gets a Millennial Makeover and It’s Great (The Flying Chancla Report)

Millennial Loteria

Hola Chulas y Chulos! How are you? My chancla and I feel like we won the lottery because we came across Mike Alfaro’s Millenial Lotería artwork, which is basically an update of the artwork on the Mexican lotería game that so many of us grew up playing. In case you don’t know what lotería is, it’s kind of sort of like bingo or at least

Wish for It and Work for It (Wednesday Wishes)

Wish for it and work for it

I think wishing gets a bad rap and it’s not fair. It’s like when you say, “I wish…blah, blah, blah,” people assume that you’re lazy and want things to fall in your lap. Maybe some people use the word wish in that way, but not me. I wish for the things I want as a way to communicate to the Universe what I would like