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Cinco De Mayo Memes That Say It All (The Flying Chancla Report)

Hola Chulas y Chulos! Do you have any plans for Cinco de Mayo? You know that holiday that isn’t Mexican Independence Day so most Mexicans don’t actually celebrate it, but it’s kind of a marketer’s dream in the U.S. so you’ll see displays at all the supermarkets and companies that seem to forget Mexicans exist the rest of the year are all of a sudden

Keep Your Wishes Positive (Wednesday Wishes)

Keep it positive

Me and my Frida selfie. Frida took pain, difficulty and challenges and instead of resisting them, she channeled them and turned them into works of art that are so profoundly raw and personal that they somehow manage to capture our universality. I'm not Frida and I don't want to be because I'm me and I have my own gifts, but she is most certainly an

Be the Change: Volunteer With Your Kids

volunteer with your kids

Thank you to Comcast for inviting my daughter and me to the 16th annual Comcast Cares Day on April 22 at Sutro Elementary School in San Francisco and for sponsoring this post.  It takes a lot to get me up early on a weekend morning because I adore sleep. Sleep makes me deliriously happy and yet, this past Saturday I got up at the crack of