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Wednesday Wishes

The Wishing Effect (Wednesday Wishes)

Let’s take a moment to vibrate on a higher frequency by letting the Universe know what we are wishing for because all the thoughts that you think have an effect on you and affect your reality. (<—Can we just take a moment to celebrate my proper usage of effect and affect? Damn, I should be a writer or something. OMAIGA, wait! Did I use them correctly?

Avocado Meme

Happiness is Like a Box of Avocados (Sundays In My City)

It was an ordinary kind of day until the doorbell rang and a man dressed in brown handed me a rather average looking box. Once I felt the weight of it and saw whom it was from, I knew the contents were neither ordinary nor average and I was right. The box was filled with extraordinary avocados from my father-in-spirit (AKA step-dad). I know he