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Bob Saget and the Cholula Hot Sauce Lady Are Twinsies (The Flying Chancla Report)

Bob Saget Cholula Bottle

Hola Chulas y Chulos! How’s it smackin’? My flying chancla and I have a story to tell you and it involves Cholula hot sauce, Bob Saget, the Internet and a plate of nachos.  See what had happened was that my flying chancla and I wanted to find something to share with you this week that would be amusing because that’s what we do every week

Tune Into Abundance (Wednesday Wishes)

Tune into abundance

Once a week, I have an official wishing date with the Universe. Basically, I put in writing on this here blog what I would like to manifest in my life. I believe that the Universe is abundant and that there is enough for all of us, which is why I also collect wishes from others and put them in writing too. This is how I

Man-Bun Ken Is Being Cyber-Bullied and It Needs to Stop

Man-Bun Ken Doll

WATCH: Mattel introduces a new line of diverse Ken dolls (INCLUDING MAN BUN KEN): — Good Morning America (@GMA) June 20, 2017 Mattel has gifted the world (not really, you have to buy them) with 15 new Ken dolls because it’s time for DIVERSITY and frankly Barbie needs more options. A few of the new Kens were guests of “Good Morning America” on